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The Small World design team work closely alongside our clients and manufacturers to ensure we understand and deliver on trend, market ready designs, each and every season.

Our unique combination of skills and experience allows us to deliver beautifully crafted designs for all your home fashion fabrication needs.

Seasonally curated design collections can be prepared for you on request, or on receipt of your trend boards. The collection would comprise new artwork as well as options from our extensive design library.

Printed design, both rotary and digital, as well as embroidered designs and woven patterns, are all provided by the Small World design team.

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We’ll create a custom design to suit your specs with speed.

Designs are followed through from creation, to review, to approval to sampling and then into production to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We are an eclectic team of skilled, experienced and passionate designers, between us we keep the design catalogues of Small World full of new and exclusive designs for our customers to select from throughout the year.

Infinite Options

With over 200+ designs added to our design library every year, we can also refer to our extensive digital library of over 50,000 designs. Providing many options for customers to select from.


Primarily our designs are still handpainted and then skillfully transferred to the digital painting mediums required today.

Creative Solutions

Customer specific requirements for colour, and alterations for design and scale, are skillfully incorporated into our design service.

Highly experienced

With many many years of combined experience we have all worked with conventional methods of design and manufacture, as well as now in the digital world.

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Get the design you want

Specializing in Surface Pattern design for all techniques, including embroidery, print and woven design, allows us to ensure a full assortment of designs is available each and every season.

Our Design Team

Ralph Edwards

Anne Zodins

Albert Flores

Benedicte Charrion

Jenny Wilson

Kirsty Bool

Marvin McKinney

Alana McMeekin

Marvin McKinney

Avital Hazan